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    Fuckup Nights is a global movement born in Mexico in to share publicly business failure stories. Hundreds of people attend each event to hear three to four entrepreneurs share their failures. Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images.

    On November 3rd, he will play a special DJ-set, made up exclusively with these records. Listen, look and see if you can guess which record is playing at any given moment. After the set, Markey will talk about record collecting, its influence on creative process in music and not only.

    For this day we also prepared a special limited numbered edition of 50 CD's with this mix, which will be available for sale for a humble price. Art Performance Culture Workshop. Art Music Party DJ. And, where events keep happening that seem inexplicable and out of control - from Donald Trump to Brexit, the War in Syria, the endless migrant crisis, and random bomb attacks.

    It explains not only why these chaotic events are happening - but also why we, and our politicians, cannot understand them. But because it is all around us, we accept it as normal.

    Spanning 40 years, the narrative will include the Assad dynasty, Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger, Patti Smith, the early performance artists in New York, President Putin, intelligent machines, Japanese gangsters, suicide bombers rise, fall, rise again, and finally the assassination of Colonel Gaddafi.

    The film consists of 10 chapters Total length: Art Visual Arts Screening 2-D. The movie was filmed in color, consists of two parts and runs for minutes in total. Like many of Daneliya's works, Kin-dza-dza! It depicts a desert planet, depleted of its resources, home to an impoverished dog-eat-dog society with extreme inequality and oppression.

    Art Visual Arts Culture Lecture. Lecture and Artist Conversation with Ernst Volland. From Constantinople to San Remo: Partition Diplomacy in Its Wartime Context.

    Starting with the Constantinople Agreement of March , followed by the Hussein-McMahon correspondence in , the Sykes-Picot Agreement in , the Balfour Declaration of , and the final distribution agreed at San Remo in , the wartime partition agreements constituted a process that ran the length of the war and into the postwar peace conference.

    We should not focus too much on Sykes-Picot, but see that agreement as the midway point in a process that extended over a five-year period and ultimately produced a Middle East quite different from the one proposed by Sykes and Georges-Picot.

    The timing of each agreement was shaped by wartime conditions. The content of each agreement was shaped by the constraints of war rather than any longstanding diplomatic priorities. They certainly do not reflect British or French sympathies for an Orthodox restoration in Constantinople, or enthusiasm for Arab Nationalism, or a commitment to Zionism. The wartime agreements were part of the tactics of war, designed either to retain the commitment of Entente allies through the promises of prizes in Ottoman territory, or else to win over new allies like the Arabs or the Zionists who, it was believed, might make a decisive contribution towards an Entente victory.

    Under conditions of total war, the British and French were willing to say whatever it took, and promise anything to anyone who might exercise a positive influence on the Entente war effort and break the deadlock on the Western Front. It is against this background that the conflicting wartime agreements should be understood. The birth and unlikely death of the "Islamic State" in Iraq? Lecture Monday, 7 November, 6. The military campaign against the Islamic State has succeeded in dramatically reducing the territory it holds in both Iraq and Syria.

    However, the Islamic State is best understood as a violent symptom of a set of much deeper, primarily political, problems that have plagued Iraq since His books include Inventing Iraq: Technologically Yours - Public Lecture. Art Music Culture Lecture. With Daniel Azuelos and creative Jerusalem people. Besarabia bar for all musicians over the world! Every monday - Art Music Concert Culture Lecture. Art Performance Dance Music Concert. Tuesday Live Music Evenings: Flamenco at the Post.

    Join us at The Post Hostel for a flamenco show and workshop with live singing, dancing, music, yelling in Spanish, clapping and boody-shaking. Cut n Bass live show with a special guest: Taichmania is a group of four musicians who came from versatile styles of jazz,rock,ethnic and electronic music with the intention to fuse musical melodies and structures that contains the east and the west, A meeting between the Mideastern makam and the American fusion.

    British psy and prog with Turkish rhythms. Doors are open at Party Community Celebration Demonstration. Join us as we watch the results roll in for Hillary! We may adjust the time depending on how many people are coming, so let us know if you can join us!

    Art Performance Culture Lecture. Art Visual Arts 2-D. Ernst Volland - "Eingebrannte Bilder" Her work, consisting of monotype prints, etching, graphite drawings and collage, are a research into the well known myths, especially of the feminine creatures and monsters, and an attempt of creating a private mythology out of the history of art.

    Lena is working with the same imagery again and again, taking them apart and reassembling them, creating with them an intimate relationship. There Will Be Music By: Art Music Concert DJ. Community Sports and Games. Sunday's knowledge of electronic music grew while studying at the Recording Arts Institute of Canada in Montreal.

    Currently Mz Luv's discography has close to releases from the past 10 years. Sunday performed in festivals such as MELT! Community Kids and Family. Biet Mazia theatre venue. Having taken into consideration the various theories of collective memory, do we need a separate theory of collective silence and forgetting?

    My answer is "no," with some reservations. In order to explain my position, I begin by briefly outlining the history of collective memory theories.

    Then, in a more detailed manner, I pursue theories of collective forgetting. To illustrate my point I conclude with some examples from the historiographical traditions of France and Israel, notably the narrative of the emergence of a national identity.

    Altin Mikrofon at Hataklit - Jeruslem - Comparison between Turkey, Israel and the Balkans For more information: Art Music Culture Workshop. Dzogchen Atiyoga as the essence of Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibetan, the word Dzogchen means "total perfection" which refers to the primordially enlightened state of every being.

    The characteristic of this method is non-gradual approach to the profound knowledge of our nature. The talk is about the basic ideas, origin and history of the Dzogchen teaching. The talk is given by Igor Berkhin, long term practitioner of Dzogchen, one of the pioneers of the mindfulness movement in Russia. The talk is in English with Hebrew translation.

    Payment in Dana principle of generosity. Art Performance Theatre Visual Arts. Art Performance Music Party. Music Sports and Games. Capricia Productions "Raising the Flag" Party. Capricia Productions are raising the gaming flag in Jerusalem and welcome you to come and party with us. During the event we will talk, dreak a lot of beer and listen to the awesome metal band Matricide.

    A real Fusion, live on stage. Afro- Groove with global touch. One man band that makes music that makes people dance and laugh The songs are about everyday life like going on walks into the woods. A concert by a three oboists of the Vienna Philharmonic, one of the best orchestras in the world.

    A Free Nation in Our Land. Join us for a fascinating discussion on the political system in Israel in honor of the launch of Dan Illouz's latest book. Visual Arts Screening Culture Lecture. In my talk, I will highlight a limitation of the computational design realm: I will suggest a revision of the way we conceptualize the use of computers for creative outcomes, by giving away some computational control in order to engage makers in a higher-risk practice that enhances attention, creative decision making, and product ownership.

    The Hybrid Craft paradigm combines digital fabrication and craft, demonstrating a hybrid interaction paradigm where human and machine work in synergy. I will exemplify this approach via several research projects such musical instrument design; smart tools; and digital gastronomy. In his research he explores the two divergent realms of emerging computational technologies and classical hand-hewn skills, seeking a new way of thinking about these polarities: Amit Zoran received an M.

    Amit Zoran personal site http: International showcase events are used to expose the best Israeli music ensembles to international decision makers from the field.

    Quartetoukan swept audiences of festivals in Israel and in Europe through a journey into multicultural Israel of today. On stage, the four musicians - Jewish and Arab - merge their different musical cultures into one gripping flow of original and familiar materials. From this musical engagement blossoms cultural riches as a foundation for dialogue, listening and human harmony. You are invited to a Mini Urban Festival in the coolest rooftop in the middle east Hamirpeset, Clal Building, 97 Jaffa st.

    Playing the best fresh current music from the Arabic world! The contemporary music, culture and Arabic culture are almost completely transparent in our local culture sphere…. But there is an amazing array of talent and creativity bursting underneath the surface.

    As always this night will be completely devoted to Arabic music and language. And all of this in a place close to home - in the center of the city!! You are invited to join us in creating a new communal space for urban agriculture.

    Send us a message or e-mail with your contact information, description and technical needs for the performance. For further information, get in touch: Pharaoh, German - Friday Through this play and the liberation of this one word, countless women throughout the world have taken control of their bodies and their lives.

    For the last 19 years, The Vagina Monologues has given voice to experiences and feelings not previously exposed in public and brought a deeper consciousness to the conversation around ending violence against women and girls.

    V-Day is a global movement to end violence against women and girls. V-Day is a catalyst that promotes creative events to increase awareness, raise money, and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations The play is produced on a voluntary basis and all profits will contribute to build a yoga therapy group for sexually assaulted teenagers. The play will be bilingual Hebrew and English Ticket price - 30 NIS - further donation would be appreciated Click here to purchase tickets: We involve the audience in harmony and rhythm and create an awesome sound and feel with you together.

    Meaningful original songs with a folk-rock and funky feel and lyrics that reach out to the deepest and wild mysteries of Purim. Join us for a wonderful and unforgettable meaningful experience. Please share with your friends! For more info contact: Advah- Ktoret- Yoel- Check these out! After a successful debut album tour, the Jerusalem born-and-raised duo starts working on their 2nd album - and meanwhile celebrates the month of Adar in a festive, up-beat band show!

    New covers and songs from the first and upcoming album. Netanel Amar - guitar, mandolin and vocals Tamar Amar - vocals, violin and guitar Or Hasson - bass Sharon Levi - guitars Tamar and Netanel Amar, a married and musical couple, both grew up in Jerusalem to Jewish observant families, but met during different periods of their lives.

    While Tamar was in the midst of promoting her debut album, Netanel was composing music and dreaming of a music career which seemed to be only a dream. They met in at Tamar's performance and both felt an immediate connection that naturally evolved into a musical duet and marriage. The Discord by Benji Boyadgian.

    Through a painting process of repetition and mutation of the patterns, Boyadgian echoes the footprints that leaves traces on the surface alluding to Palestine as a place at a junction, subject to repeated passage throughout history. It will discuss the aesthetic, historical, political, social, and philosophical aspects around the project.

    The online version of the book will be hosted by ibraaz. Exhibition running until 28 April For further information contact us: Modern Phase is a band based on live instruments, mainly combining neo-soul and hip-hop.

    Kitchen Recollections, by Mirna Bamieh. Al Ma'mal cordially invites you to attend, Potato Talks: The third edition in Jerusalem will share stories about the generation kitchen of different communities inhabiting the old city for centuries. We will hear Jerusalem storytellers recalling stories that their great grandfathers brought with them from India, Uzbekistan, Chad, Sudan, Morocco, Armenia and other countries, and how they weave these stories into their current life they are experiencing in the old city, Jerusalem.

    Stories are like Potatoes they come from the land, magic happens when they are brought from the closed doors of kitchens to the street, becoming the canvas for storytelling, re-calling attention to seemingly insignificant acts, celebrating the ordinary, and uncovering a new layer of interaction in the city.

    This project is generously supported by the Representative Office of Switzerland in Ramallah. Art Community Kids and Family. The Ostri - Israeli Pop-Rock https: At Abraham Hostel Jerusalem, Hanevi'im For the period of its existence, they released 3 albums, toured with concerts all over Europe and many cities of Russia.

    In they make a tour in honor of the 10 anniversary of the group and start from Israel. We have actually never played as a crew in Jerusalem before, so we're hella excited to bring our freakshow over to the holy city and dirty it up with some sin. Mamashkanta and Not focus! Come and rock with us and don't forget to pray for our souls. Art Visual Arts Celebration. Their saturated colors deepen the sense of alienation evoked by the works. Both seem to offer a model for a real or imagined environment.

    Digital images, flickering screens, the fragmentation and connection of different worlds preoccupy both artists, each in his or her own way. The works in the exhibition raise question regarding an actual and conceptual trickle of material and the blending of background and space, interior and exterior.

    Party Kids and Family. After some quick rehearsals they immediately appeared on Balcony TV, Hamburg and started playing live-gigs. Meanwhile they performed at many places in Germany. Their music is strictly danceable and swinging. With a lot of spirit the Mencinis perform on stage.

    A fresh and unique mix of swing and blues and a dash of rumba once a while. With their vibrant sound they enchant the audience and urge them to move to the rhythm. Come join us for a one-of-a-kind night of swing dancing: This is your chance to take out your vintage clothes, dress up and dance the night away to live New Orleans style swing and blues music. Saturday March 11th Our fantastic lineup includes: All through the evening great D. The Mencinis offical website: Studio Prisma, rooftop of Klal building, 97 Yaffo St.

    First-timers and non-dancing music lovers are welcome. No need to come with a partner. For additional information or tickets: Music Kids and Family. Art Music Party DJ. Purim Party at the Abraham Hostel!!! Pre-sale for 30 ILS - Ticket order: See you there, Abraham. Like every year, the best party the city has to offer, as part of the amazing Purim celebration in Jerusalem. Massive sound system in the open air, backgrounded by a stunning view of Nachlaot, best local dj's who are an integral part of the soundtrack of our city, a mad surprise show of an international musician who will fly us high in the air, bar and food stalls, art and decor and a variety of colorful Purim delights!

    And of course admission is free and the event is open to everyone! Young people, children, families, and veterans of the city - everyone everyone everyone is invited to celebrate and rejoice together on the most colorful and happy day that the city has to offer! Full senses thrilling concert, bunch of musical instruments and sounds from space, the wizard of costumes that burns dancefloors all over the world After playing in every possible dancefloor in Israel, Adam who accompanied and built the electronic music scene of Jerusalem, comes with the traditional set full of low frequencies which gonna bounce us high in the spirit of the traditional Purim carnival!

    Nonstop stop killing-it around Jerusalem with his arab beats, Ramzy comes to give us a proper othentic oriental show full and lift us to a crazy bilingual primitive feast! Whoever went to the Purim party in Sacher Park in recent years knows that this is a set not to be missed, and the most amazing way to end the carnival!

    Whoever was in Jerusalem's techno parties in recent years, certainly danced to one of the funky sexy sets of this gifted musician. With a mix of tribal Techno, Minimal funky disco and a lots of surprises, Moti will make your buttoms move uncontrollably, be warned! Free free free entry, lots of space to dance, enjoy and celebrate in the open air with the best atmosphere there is.

    The party will be held at Sacher Park above the tunnel leading to Kiryat Moshe city entrance , right at the end of Bezalel Street. We are all responsible for keeping the place clean, trash cans will be spread throughout the area for the convenience of everyone.

    Glass bottles are prohibited! There will be a bar with affordable prices, and food stalls with a variety of goodies. The excitement is huge purim is comming! The world's happiest Carnival! Come and celebrate and dance with old friends and make new friends in the colourful festival of costumes in our beloved city of Jerusalem! The heart-warming rags-to-riches story of Annie, an orphan in depression-era New York.

    Performance Dance Theatre Music. Visit above link, or starcatcher. The musical theater classic sure to make a splash! Featuring the spectacular talents of: Idan Almalem is a saz musician who plays with Lakum, plays with the international singer Ilana Alya, and their student Yochai Barak and Jihan Turkuglu.

    He is coming to Friday at Musrara in order share their knowledge in a workshop for saz musicians. Musicians are welcome to bring their instruments with them. The public is welcome to come, listen and enjoy! The concerts are taking place every friday in the school.

    Graduates Ensembles and student will play every friday. Cant arrive on this friday? Come on the next one! Come and bring your friends with you. Friday, March 17th 2 - 4: Is it a new found emotion that I have yet to encounter?

    Courage means living with integrity and holding true to what you know to be right, even if every thought from your mind begs you to do otherwise. Courage is outrageous, draws on every impetus that you have to be able to live aligned to your truth. Courage means all acceptance and all compassion especially for yourself.

    Courage is acting now and in clarity. Courage is in saying no even when it takes every morsel of your power to do so. Courage is in saying yes despite it defying all logic.

    Saying yes to Self. Courage is there as an undercurrent, like presence or awareness. It is not something you have. It is an extant place to access, like a secret doorway to limitless power. Find the key to the doorway. Unlock and fall into the Unknown. Be content to not know. There is only the unfathomable. Here you are Home.

    היכרות בטלפון פורנו לייב -

    Jerusalem, Israel http: It is not something you. Join us at The Post Hostel for a flamenco show and workshop with live singing, dancing, music, yelling in Spanish, clapping and boody-shaking.

    : היכרות בטלפון פורנו לייב

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    סקס עם זקנה בולבול ענק Young people, children, families, and veterans of the city - everyone everyone everyone is invited to celebrate and rejoice together on the most colorful and happy day that the city has to offer! Tuesday, November 01, Each speaker is given 7 minutes and is able to use 10 images. Information about the speakers will be announced in the next few days. The conference will be accompanied by simultaneous translation into English.
    יוטיוב זיונים סרטוני סקס אנאלי סקס לסביות משפריצות זין ענק
    Art Music Culture Community Meeting. Playing the best fresh current music from the Arabic world! Join the website on your mobile and watch non-stop sex. Unleashed in the middle east! What is the technology? Pre-sale for 30 ILS - Ticket order:

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