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    ELEM provides them with shelter, and now wishes to provide them with a home. Help us; help them to have a home. New Arabic music, Mixed sounds that will not let you stand still on the dance floor! You won't be able to stop moving! She brought back to Israel the latest and hippest sounds of the African music- a mix of traditional music with hip hop, trap, rap, pop and techno mixed well with the African sound and beat to make crazy vibes that you can't look over! How can historians account for the predicaments of violence and uneven distributions of power in the built environment, particularly in the face of current worldwide geo-political crises?

    At the heart of this conference will be the question of how eruptions of strife shape architectural and urban histories; and reciprocally, how larger architectural and planning processes, along with the histories that register their impact, intervene in the predicament of conflict. The aim of the conference is to bring together different responses to this predicament from both regional architectural and urban historians and worldwide members of the EAHN.

    For more info, see http: We will start the evening with some dining and wining, as we enjoy tasty Israeli cheeses and wine overlooking the Old City on the Cinematheque's balcony. We will then head to the heart of the evening - inspiring Zionism - as Dr. Ben Reis will give an emotional and thought-provoking Zionist talk centering on the remarkable and wondrous stories of the Six Day War with a focus on Jerusalem.

    Falkor Ensemble plays original music in a modern, energetic vein with a strong emphasis on spontaneity and group interplay. Arriving for a premiere at Post Hostel after a year's work loaded with shows throughout the country and a first recording. Sweet wine, good people, and a bumpin' concert -- all for a good cause! Wednesday, June 14th at Please bring a minimum donation of 30 shekel and a bottle of wine per two guests! Sign up in advance and you will be entered into our lottery for a chance to win awesome Jerusalem prizes!

    Please respect the age limit. At the entrance to the hall — free beer and screening in loop of 67 Bows 5 min. Izek Mizrahi, Ilanit Konopny. Experience new, crazy and intriguing presentations from Jerusalem's finest! Being held in the stunning courtyard of historic Beit Alliance, this is an extraordinary event not to be missed. Art Performance Music Visual Arts.

    Tulo at Bet Hagat! The pieces played by the band are taken from the classical Persian music repertoire of the greatest contemporary as well as ancient composers of Persia. The band members play traditional Persian musical instrument and together invite the audience to a musical time travel through the ancient colors and sounds of Persia. We invite you all to an open day at our hydroponic greenhouse at the botanical gardens in Jerusalem.

    Tours of the greenhouse, picking, food and drink and meeting the farmers! The greenhouse is located behind cocktail plant nursery at the entrance to the botanical gardens in Jerusalem. Community Sports and Games.

    Sunshine - Anna Haleta - Liat Attar - Art Visual Arts Culture Lecture. Do you love Indian food as much as we do? Do you miss Indian food culture or maybe you even have never been there? We are bringing Dhaba to the rooftop of the Abraham Hostel Jerusalem.

    Dhaba is a name for small roadside restaurants scattered all over India, where you can eat a Thali dish A rice bowl with variety of dips rich in flavors and spices. We invite you to our amazing rooftop where you can feel like in India again.

    Food is vegan and costs 35 ILS. Art Music Party Concert Culture. Writers Confront 50 Years of Occupation. Writers Confront 50 Years of Occupation: Sunday, June 18th, The event will be held in English, and will include a panel discussion with the book's editors, Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, two of the book's contributors, Assaf Gavron and Fida Jiryis, and Avner Gvaryahu of Breaking the Silence.

    It will be moderated by Haaretz columnist Bradley Burston. Copies of Kingdom of Olives and Ash will be available for purchase after the event.

    Please register for the event here: Called "moving, heartbreaking, and infuriating," by Kirkus Reviews, Kingdom of Olives and Ash is a groundbreaking anthology of essays about the occupation. It will be published on May 30th in English, Hebrew and Arabic, and in nine other languages in the weeks and months that follow.

    Art Performance Theatre Kids and Family. Art Visual Arts Culture Tour. Join us for a guided tour with the curator of our new exhibition "Thou Shalt Not", followed by a unique and indulging royal tea party up on the Museum's rooftop, facing the magical sunset of Jerusalem.

    Museum on the Seam was selected as "One of 29 leading art venues around the world" by the New York Times. Exhibition "Thou Shalt Not" deals with the interaction between art and faith in the Jewish tradition and displays Israel's leading artist from the religious-secular spectrum while creating a dialog between them. Chef Atalia Ein Mor created an exciting tea party full of her renowned specialty culinary surprises: Hurry up and sign: Narratives of Progress Lecturer: Raef Zreik With the populist right resurgent throughout the North Atlantic civilization, a political morality without borders appears urgent.

    Oren Lev - The title of the lecture: Oren is a graduate student in biology at the Hebrew University and an active member of the Open House. Doron Mossinsohn - The title of the lecture: Doron Mossinson has a master's degree in cultural and gender studies, an activist in the gay student fraternity Ahva , the Bi-Pan-Poly forum, and the Open House. Omer Harel - The title of the lecture: Between Religion and Bisexuality".

    A little about the lecturer: Omer Harel was formerly religiously observant, who is becoming a bit more observant now.

    She is 20 years old and defines herself as Pansexual. Screening Community Sports and Games. The film will be in Arabic with English subtitles. Space is limited so please register at this link: We are coming back to Nocturno for the third time!

    Feels like home, and it's great fun to see all of you guys joining us on the journey. FOREST songs for the seeking soul Inviting a fusion of music from the forest, from the sky and from the depths of the ocean. In a tribal atmosphere, the forest takes the audience on a journey that travels between quiet and harmonious folk to Pescadia and the ecstasy of the influences of the ancient traditions of shamanism, psychedelic rock, seclusion and prayer Songs and music that touch deep in your heart.

    We're gonna meet up at HaMirpesset, on the roof of Binyan Clal for an awesome celebration of summer fruits on the longest day of the year!! We'll kick off with a DIY workshop on how to make your own dried fruits and veggies. Then we'll have a sweet community apple picking from the tons of apple trees up on the roof. Following this, we'll have several demo stations for how to preserve the harvest of apples, making a bunch of different products, and using every part of the apple!

    And then we'll watch the sunset together from the roof. There will be summer veggie seedlings for sale. Suggested donation of 25 shek. Gonna be a super epic time!

    Marina is incredible Exotic Pole Dancer with her unique style: And she is coming to Israel! Just look at her video! They speak for themselves! The workshop is suitable for all levels: In the film, Andoni recreates the interrogation rooms and cells at the Moskobiya interrogation center, which acts as the backdrop to the former inmates discussing prison life and the humiliation they experienced during their detention.

    What could be better than an awesome party that'll blow your mind? A party whose proceeds help those in need! We've decide to take our head out of the sand and assist our neighbours.

    All proceeds will be donated to Israeli Flying Aid which delivers life saving aid to Syrian refugees. Join our party and show that young people care! So what's the plan? Entry is 50 NIS Tickets are available online at: Jacobi and Strauss vs. The deep and ancient relationship between textual artworks and the visual ones has been dealt with extensively over the centuries.

    But still, it seems the human heart will always have need for more. This starting point, linking the writer and the artist has been the underlying current of the course. Each time a short story had been chosen to become a bonfire for our tribe, to light up with the text a different unseen part of a practice or to dwell and enrich a known subject. The encounter with the literary text has been an opportunity for the subject to be lit in a new light and help to shift its angles.

    Each lesson called upon two gatherings: The printmaking workshop in Bezalel Fine Art department holds within itself the tension between learning and aligning with an ancient tradition — its histories on one hand, and the passion to invent and create something new, to be playful with the materials and processes. Here we can see the outcome of interactions with printmaking techniques such as screen printing, intaglio, wood and linocuts showing their varied influences.

    The students worked with different aspects of printmaking and were asked to think of the relation printmaking could have to the space of the gallery and how it can interact with it. Our working process started with reading texts that have an allegorical relationship with the technical stages in different printmaking techniques, and in the case of the exhibition: Burroughs, The wild Boys. The act of repetition in Burroughs's writing creates a fluid image in transition that depicts a nonlinear reality.

    In the exhibition we ask how the relationship between the prints and space can be built, change, warp and adopt additional meanings through the multiplicity of the image and its variations in different modes of display. In short, we are curious to see what happens to prints in space………. Live in Berlin, Skype in Jerusalem: A work by Li Lorian Artistic Guidance: Achinoam Mendelson On-line in Jerusalem: Doron Gallia For the event in Berlin: Pharaoh - German - I Zebra - Pierrot Lunaire, Opus Albright Institute of Archaeological Research.

    El Container, with an opening act by Intaj Bazaar: Art Dance Music Concert. Registration by mail to: Workshop Sports and Games. Jazz - Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie on the th anniversary.

    Lenny Sendersky — saxophone June 27, Gleb Zaida — trumpet June 29, That came to slay! Yes, they are back! The Alla Nesh girls, the drag comedy night of Jerusalem is back for an amazing night!

    With some new guests. And this time it's all about the movies and songs we all grow up on! Another excellent source is http: I have divided the report into the following sections: A quick word first about the law in Germany regarding prostitution.

    It is legal in Germany, and quite carefully regulated. In proper, licensed premises, the girls are formally registered with the state, pay taxes on their earnings and are subject to periodic health checks.

    More information on this aspect can be found here http: There is far less stigma in Germany attached to the practice of prostitution than almost anywhere else in the world, and brothels operate in residential apartment blocks just as strip clubs stand next door to bakeries and dressmakers' shops in relative harmony.

    In Germany it's not necessary to creep about nervously in the red light district trying not to be observed if concerned about being caught out then just avoid the Thai hand job parlour next to your bank manager's office.

    This club is sufficiently important in the Berlin firmament to warrant its own section. FKK is a Germanic naturist movement, whose most concrete representation in modern Germany is to be found in the proliferation of FKK clubs across almost every big conurbation in the country see http: FKK clubs essentially large brothels, almost always with some spa or health club facilities attached to them, and usually with swimming pools and saunas too. In brothels however, you are usually led to a private room to select a companion and contact with other punters is expressly avoided.

    FKK clubs are totally different, there are extensive public areas. The girls and the male guests routinely hang around in the lounge or spa areas in mixed company and the changing areas and showers are also designated public areas. Typically you would pay an entrance fee 80 E at Artemis entitling you to free use of the club and free soft drinks and food all day.

    Sex costs extra and is payable to the girls. You put your valuables in a small private safe, undress, shower and put on a dressing gown. The bar will be full of scantily-clad girls and a number of other men similarly attired.

    Chat to a few girls, pick one you like and go with her to the room for as long as you like or can afford. Kissing and reverse oral are examples of non-cost items that the girl may or may not like to indulge in. Anal sex, CIM cum in mouth and CIF cum in face are examples of additional services that may be available, and if they are then a price supplement would apply. Each 30 minutes or any part thereof costs 60 E, and additional services attract an additional cost. All money is paid to the girl after the session ends, in cash.

    The FKK model offers many advantages. The chance to mingle with the girls before making your selection is a huge benefit. But FKK doesn't suit everybody; many people are concerned about the public interaction. It's not the purpose of this report to weigh those arguments here the Artemis thread on this website covers these questions in extraordinary depth and should prove very informative for anybody who is interested in learning more about the attractions and challenges of the FKK scene.

    Artemis-Berlin 2 Flat Rate Clubs. There are two main venues in town, Caligula and King George. The basic premise of a flat-rate club is that you pay an entry fee of around euros and you are then free to fuck as many girls as you like without further cost. There is the option to incur extra charges if you choose to do so, for elongated sessions or for additional sexual services that the girl may offer such as anal sex.

    These additional costs, plus any tips they pick up, are a big part of the girls' income, but that aside there is little incentive for them to give their best because what you essentially are getting from them is 'a free fuck'. Herein lies both the benefit and essential weakness of the flat-rates system. You get as much sex as you want with as many of the house ladies as you desire can stomach?

    But the quality of service is undermined by the absence of any real incentive on the part of the girls. Of the two, KG would appear to have received more favourably reviewed over the years on these pages. The flat rate model is probably the best way of having sex with numerous girls in a controlled environment for a relatively modest sum of money.

    As such, they are a viable option for anyone mongering on a budget. Search for reviews on this forum for Caligula and KG and decide if it sounds like your sort of thing. A very good recent report on Caligula can be read here: Most of the bordelles in Berlin are to be found in residential apartment blocks. A number of the better ones are to be found in the Wilmersdorf area just west of the central zone, but there are viable options in almost every district.

    Much of what follows will be obvious to many people. The intention is to give some broad picture of the way these places function in Berlin for those people who are wholly unfamiliar. The procedure is largely the same in all of them. You have the option to make an advance reservation with a specific girl at a specific time, or you can come to the bordelle and select from the 'line-up'.

    In the latter case, you would ring the doorbell, get buzzed in, probably be met at the flat entrance door by the house madam, be shown to a private room and invited to meet the girls. They will then come in one by one, introduce themselves and quickly leave. The number of girls in the parade varies from bordelle to bordelle, but typically there will be between 3 and 8 girls to choose from.

    You are welcome to ask any questions of the girls at this time, such as whether she offers any particular extras that interest you, or where she is from and what languages she speaks. Sharing a language with a girl is a definite advantage. The madam will return and ask you if you have made a selection. Of course you are welcome to decline the entire line-up and leave if that is your preference. That would be in no way considered rude or improper, and if there is nobody who takes your fancy then that is exactly what you should do.

    If you decide to go with one of the girls, you tell the madam her name and you will probably be shown to the room to wait for her. When she arrives she will ask you how long you want to stay and what extras you want.

    You agree a schedule, pay the money, take a shower if you choose advisable , and then return to the room to consummate the arrangement. Pricing in the bordelle market is far from standardised. Here you can link to the websites of most of the major houses. Many of these websites will have an English language page, almost all will have pricing details and opening hours.

    Most importantly, there are pictures of the girls and they are almost universally genuine, although sometimes photo shopped. Reviews of the various clubs and some of the girls there can be found via the search function on this website. As a brief guide, the two premier and most established bordelles in town are probably Van Kampen and Kamilla Dee.

    They are both good, arguably excellent, brothels, although the members of this forum seem to have quite a clear preference for KD. They are similarly priced. More expensive is Bar Rouge in Mitte, a slightly different set up, on a lounge theme. It has been positively reviewed on a number of occasions here.

    סרטוני הומואים סקס חינם ישבנים -

    The writer has no personal experience at all of this particular area of opportunity within the Berlin sex market, and as such the contents of this section have been lifted from the contributions of esteemed colleagues on this board who specialise זקנות ערומות פוט פטיש ישראל this activity. The agreements the will be written wil stand before the eyes of the board concerning making decisions in the next phase of producing the march - about the stages, messages, campaign atc. FKK is a Germanic naturist movement, whose most concrete representation in modern Germany is to be found in the proliferation of FKK clubs across almost every big conurbation in the country see http: Join us for a guided tour with the curator of our new exhibition "Thou Shalt Not", followed by a unique and indulging royal tea party up on the Museum's rooftop, facing the magical sunset of Jerusalem. That came to slay! In the film, Andoni recreates the interrogation rooms and cells at the Moskobiya interrogation center, which acts as the backdrop to the former inmates discussing prison life and the humiliation they experienced during their detention. A work by Li Lorian On-line in Jerusalem: Jacobi and Strauss vs. You have the option to make an advance reservation with a specific girl at a specific time, or you can come to the bordelle and select from the 'line-up'. And this forum is replete with unhappy tales of punters getting wholly ripped off by girls who agree one thing but then refuse to deliver without further and additional payment. Ido received a scholarship to study at the university in Varanasi and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Tabla.

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