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    As you correctly pointed out, it will be a bit harder to excite the admissions guys with this kind of story, but it is not impossible. First, I suggest you tell the truth about your plans. In many such case s, it is because their career plan is not build on solid grounds.

    I have emphasized that it should be a helpful tool rather than a critic one, but still, could I influence its exact content without being cheeky? Yuval, you are allowed to meet with your recommenders, explain the process and its importance to them, refresh their mind about your mutual experience and remind them of past events and examples. You are not allowed to see the recommendation that they have sent to the school. I am a current student at IMD. There are also scholarships for women.

    Saying that, all these scholarships are partial except for one Latin American one which was a full scholarship. As far as the admissions process goes, IMD really appreciates multi-country experiences. It is very common among my 90 classmates 41 nationalities! You will have to show openness to multi cultural experiences as part of the admission process. I have been here for ten months and as part of the curriculum I have traveled all over Western Europe, been to two countries in Eastern Europe first time for me and just returned from two and a half weeks in China also first time for me.

    What really surprised me is that in China I had no cultural shock whereas a few years ago, when I began working outside of Israel for the first time, in London, I did have culture shock. I have worked closely and have strong friendships with my Chinese classmates, we did numerous case studies on business in China and I guess that prepared me. Hope this helps and feel free to contact me. I have a strong academic background GPA 3.

    You have an opportunity to learn from and with a diverse student body. You meet people from all over the world. It is truly an international community of students, faculty and administrators. There is no better place to be a student. Whether it is the social life or professional life, NY offers you an incredible opportunity.

    All of the 1st year MBA students have an opportunity to go to the Metropolitan Opera and see a dress rehearsal after studying a case about the Opera house. You learn from top faculty and you hear from Corporate speakers regularly.

    Shelley just attended a session with the CFO of Pfizer. Since they work here, it makes it easy to hear from prestigious speakers and alumni. The program itself is flexible. I meant to say "shouldn't", this organization is a bit controversial and, from what I heard, is not necessarily considered a "strong" activity there are different opinions. For universities I am applying at the second round, does it matter how early into the second round I am applying? How about Colubia and NYU which have rolling addmision?

    In general, if there are "rounds" it most likely doesn't matter when you applied during the round. In case s of rolling admission, it is probably best to apply as early as possible. If I were you this would have been my focus in the application, what is very important in this matter is the: You should think hard on these matters and keep working in this sector to support such a case , your organization should be substential and the application should support that by recommenders etc'.

    Cause if not, you should look into the fine details of recruiting. You'd be suprised to find out exactly how many east coast companies are not willing to travel to the west coast for recruiting.

    It's not to say that Stanford or HBS are not a great school, but in terms recruiting most of the companies you could think of will go to almsot all top school to recruit and the only difference would be the number. In addtion, there are companies that refrain from going to some of these schools for various reasons. For that matter, ask anyone who recruits MBA graduates and does get Stanford candidates from a large consulting company if he treats Stanford and Cornell the same.

    This is not to say that Bain won't take someone from cornell. Furthermore, in some case s the stident body is different,. Hi Gilam, Thanks for your reply. Regarding the Gmat - i took a course which i was the top of the class, and the truth is, i expected a much higher score on Math - the preparation tests i took indicated a much higher score but the truth is i am no professional on tests like this, and would like to avoid retaking the if not necessary.

    I think the main focus of my application should be, trying to show my other qualities regarding my experience with establishing and buck and boosting projects the entrepreneur side which I can definitely show with great detail on an application. Keep in mind that most schools like to evaluate the candidate on a multitude of dimensions, including leadership skills, teamwork skills, analytical skills, entrepreneurieal spirit and quite a few more I can apply between now and in 2 years the most important thing is to enter a top school after receiving post-graduate work experience, and I could also now decide in which direction my work should be.

    Not sure about this. It really depends which school. Uh, I wish there would be an easy answer to this In general, "finance" schools seek competent, mature individuals and not necessarily "finance" guys most of their class probably isn't "finance" guys. I will most appreciate your response. And again, Thank you very very much. That's very high for Israelis, especially your verbal part. Assuming you have to select one, I would select the higher one.

    If you have a B. Also, do u have any idea which schools offer some aid other than loans scholarhips.. Virtually all schools offer merit-based full tuition scholarships and part-tuition scholarships.

    In addition, there are lots of peculiar scholarships e. You will usually know about these only after your admission. We have all the big firms recruiting here on campus: Kearney, Deloitt Consulting and more. I have had the opportunity to represent the school in the A. We won 1st prize 2 years ago and second prize last year. The consulting club is the biggest club in the B-School here. We consider many factors in the decision - undergrad work; accomplishments; fit with Michigan; community service; career progression, etc.

    But, retaking it would be ideal. Also, if you don't re-take it before submitting your application, let us know if you have any plans for re-taking it.

    I would recommend that you keep up some GMAT study, in case of a wait-list decision, for example. When it comes to scholarships for international students, we are mostly talking about merit-based, rather than need-based scholarships. Ido, you could be admitted with a GMAT of and rejected with a GMAT of , because so much depends on your work experience, recommendations, essays, interview, and the overall quality of your application.

    It was tested in my case at least only in a phone interview - i. They did ask me to rate my knowledge in writing. Sure, much luck Ido. Do you want to go this year in any case? If I remember correctly you are just graduating from college now. In that case , I would say yes.

    However, I also remember that you have significant and very impressive employment background during college. Therefore, there will probably be a "significant" improvement of your chances especially if your stated goal is to go into the VC world after b-school , but it is not likely to be a "huge" improvement. I saw there are some questions about Kellogg - I am a first year and will happily answer any qauestion.

    Sometimes the demand for interviews might be more that the supply of alumni time, in that case if the admissions office feels it need it, they will schedule a phone interview with you.

    First responses for 1st rounders will start to come probably by the end of this month. The majority however will receive the decision during the last 2 weeks of the round. The event we have january 1st will not include people from the admissions office. There will be a current student and 2 alumni.

    The main purpose of the event is to share their experiences with you so you will get to "know" Kellogg a little better.

    Hopefully this will help you decide if you want to apply, and strengthen your application once you apply. There were two main reasons that made me choose the Johnson School.

    The first reason was more related to my area of interest, which is Entrepreneurship and Private Equity. I believed that the combination of the EPE immersion and BR Ventures will help me to enhance my experience and knowledge in the area.

    I am happy to report that this was indeed the case. I also believe that this is true in other areas such as finance, marketing, operations and more. The second reason was the type of environment that exist in the Johnson School. From one hand it is an environment that will challenge you and push you to your limit, which I believe is the essence of an MBA.

    From the other hand it is a very intimate and supporting community that is very important when you are away from home and stretched to your limit studying and looking for job at the same time. The other aspect of the Johnson school community is the extent in which students can get involved and make a difference. The kind of people we are looking to admit to the Johnson School is change agents, people who inclined and attracted to making a difference.

    We have to provide them with opportunities to make a difference. As a result I believe the Johnson School is one of the best schools for students who are looking to leave their mark on. The fact that we involve our students in the admissions process, which is relatively unique, is only one testament to the extent students are involved.

    There are many other examples and some of them are elaborated in my introduction. So to summarize, the real life learning experience and the type of culture the school has were the two main drivers to my choice. How much a foreign MBA worth in Israeli job market? Eli, I haven't seen such research for Israel.

    I do know that Israeli employers appreciate work experience abroad that is closely relevant to their business. Alternatively, in some industries e. Is it considered as an advantage or a drawback from schools perspective? What made you so attractive to those schools? Thank you for the compliment. I believe that In my case , it was a combination of two factors: Some interesting leadership-oriented achievements such as being elected to student union positions.

    I am learning the hard way that it's very hard to get in this schools. R2 is even harder - I decided to apply to other schools then I initally thought - I think that if you really want to get in, you should apply to more schools, just in case.

    My answer is simple that would be your question, I assume ;-: Other than that, I have 3 excellent recommendations: What do you think are my chances to be accepted? On the basis of this data alone not knowing your employment background etc.

    They may accept someone with a GMAT below , but these will be fairly rare case s. I applied in R1, so may consider my experience fresh If you want my opinion about Kellogg interview and that all it is , the second best tip after coming well prepared!!! I know another interviewer, and think you would find such attitude common. Improvizing a lie which from my personal experience as an interviwer for other causes is the worse. A personal tip for you would be to avoid any humour similar to that in your above user nickname My Wharton interview was in a coffee shop on a Saturday morning, I wore black pants and a shirt and my interviewer commented that I am underdressed while he wore sweat pants and sports shoes.

    My interviewer apologized for wearing jeans. My feeling is better being overdressed than underdressed. It applies to interviews and to life in general Keep in mind that my interviews were conducted in the U. S so it's totaly different.

    S it's common to send thank you notes to people who interview you, thanking them for their time. Although I did not send a thank you note to my interviewers, it may be a nice idea to import to Israel n case anybody is interested.

    Of what I heard from current students including some who interview candidates themselves - always wear business attire, unless otherwise instructed. You can't control much of the interview, so you can't afford the possibility of making a bad impression right at the beginning. So, wear a suit, shave etc. Many interviewers may consider anything else as lack of seriousness on your side, which is never good.

    Worst case scenario - it will be hot, and you'll need to wake up 15 minutes earlier to tie the tie like I needed I'm thinking about registering to the green card lottery and I wonder whether it could prevent me from getting the student visa in a case that I don't win the lottery after getting accepted to a university.

    Ronnie, I am a very small expert when it comes to post-admission issues In any case , good luck with both the lottery and the admission process! Don't waste your time on different GMAT web sites. I understand that it's diffrent then other business schools because it is mainly based on the case study method.

    I think it is a very powerful tool for 3 main reasons: The case method exposes you to numerous industries and companies. There is a section for international applicants, I think the site is worth checking.

    Jason Mattera, 20, who is president of the College Republicans, said the group is parodying minority scholarships. That's just not the case. Actually many Israely employers consider WE as a much more important factor than the degree. Not to mention that if we have to pay back our tuition loan, while earning an Israeli salary it may take us a long time. Another Q is even if someone got a job in the US, what will it be, couldn't he had reach that same position just working?

    In terms of the job market - this year is definitely much better than the previous one and in my opinon, the next one will be even better. The exact amount depends on your personal status, i. In addition, many students at HBS including a decent part of the Israeli students receive fellowships on an annual basis.

    You will get further information about fellowships as part of your admission process. Is it true, abseed on your exp.

    Hence, if one RD2 applicant received an invite that means that "all" were sent out and I should probably assume I will not be inviited? The interviewer is not always the same person - there are a few people who conduct the interviews.

    Also, at W , what an impact does the interview have on the app, what is its weight? In this case , it is much more an art than a science. All in all, the interview is an important piece in the admission puzzle. The adcom will look at the interview report as one component in the applicant's data and may assign a lot, or little, weigth to it depending, for example, on the report's content and on the report's overall grade was it far off from the other data?

    If the interview report is extreme e. Comments such as this one keep me going! I wanted to seek your input on deferrals. I guess this depends on the school, but do u have general tips. Also, what is the policy at Wht. Omer, we specialize in the admission process, unfortunately I know much less about post-admission issues I do know that the deferellas game is usually highly personalized - per school, and often per case.

    Negotiation and persuasion skills often play a big role in this game, and school rules can be flexed for the right candidates and the convincing case s. I would like to get some general idea about my chances in getting to an MBA program in the US with the following:. It would be realy great if you could recommend me where should I apply for an MBA program.

    What's the learning method? I received my FA letters so in Wharton's case it is enough. You should ask your bank to provide a translated statement describing your financial records and stating that you don't owe anything as far as it knows. Regarding the costs, I didn't pay a thing as far as I know I broke it down to two parts. Going from philly to london to israel vacation to St. Louis to philly with big suit case s was a bit crazy, but it was a helluva time. Even more in some case s.

    Some manage to pay back, some are still carrying it after 5 years friend of mine from Chicago, IBer in the UK. I'd really like to go to the Blue Devil Weekend, meeting the students and faculty I'm going to spend so much time with. It's also going to be a lot fun too Especially the "Drinking Beer and then Running" event: I can't bring my self to spending so much money just for a weekend, since I still hold my job.

    Anyway, I think that attending such a weekend is really important if you're seriously undecided between two schools, and seeing the place can make you realize where your heart tends to be. This is not my case. Well, this is beyond my scope of admission issues However, most people probably care more about their success in the recuriting process.

    In this case too, commitment, focus, energy, research and a lot of interview perparation are probably key. Uninformed, as I said The mirrors in the hallway were perfect for last-minute checks of ties, hair and handkerchiefs. Are the business cards within easy reach? As the students primped, they traded intelligence.

    The job fair was sponsored by the MBA Consortium, a group of 16 business schools that are good but a couple of steps down the B-school hierarchy. To help their students get jobs -- either summer internships or permanent positions -- the consortium had gathered 14 employers at the Marriott Eastside in Manhattan on this January day to meet them. The recruiters, who sat at tables displaying their wares, had already selected some students for interviews the next day based on resumes, but they had saved places for applicants who would impress them today.

    Many of them did not have interviews lined up. So the pressure was on. They had only a few minutes to make their pitch, and those in line -- their competition -- could hear them. After a firm handshake and a handoff of his resume, he told the recruiter he enjoyed problem solving, operations and finance. Hoebelheinrich said yes instantly.

    And it was over. He didn't end up getting an interview. Next person in line. As is often the case in troubled economic times, business schools reported an enrollment surge in Now those class members must compete for a limited job pool.

    Meanwhile, companies are putting off hiring decisions as long as possible until they can tell where the economy is going. Students at second- or third-tier schools can certainly build successful careers. But given the degree's hefty price tag and the tough economic climate, deans and corporate recruiters warn that a master's degree in business administration does not necessarily translate into a high-salary job.

    And the path to a leading investment bank or consulting company runs almost exclusively through a narrow band of elite business schools.

    AS the tight job market accentuates the advantages that graduates of Harvard or the University of Pennsylvania enjoy even in the best of times, students from lower-tier schools must hustle even harder. At the job fair, options are improving but it's clear that they are still more limited than a few years ago. Organizers are pleased to have 14 employers. Last year, there were But in the 's, they had 30, and students could write their own ticket.

    If you want to rile someone at the fair, use the phrase ''core schools. Many have only five or so core schools, some as few as two. At big-time companies, only a few business schools turn up on list after list: A survey by Business Week last year found that of Citigroup's M.

    No other business school placed more than 8 there. Jeffrey Pfeffer, a professor at Stanford's business school, published a study in based on decades of data to determine what the M. Internal studies by leading consulting firms and investment banks of their M. To practice medicine, medical school is essential; ditto for law. But if you can excel in business without business school, he wondered, what is its value? Professor Pfeffer's report set off intense debate.

    But even critics like Professor Pfeffer say that top business schools do something of value: People who invest in an M. This is because of several reasons including higher potential salaries in Pounds vs. NIS , career opportunities etc. So, what do you take from my answer? There is an added value to both case s. However, I believe an MBA at LBS or at any other leading international school should be viewed not just as the two years studies or one as the case with our friends in France , but also to include a number of years post the MBA.

    I refer to business schools, of course? Does the score matter a lot? A TOEFL score of and a GMAT verbal score of 35 or so do raise a small concern about your English, a concern that can be alleviated through the personal interview and that can be countered by other strengths.

    First, thank you Dan, Kassifo and egeg for helping out with the last few questions. You guys give me a feeling that with all this mutual help, maybe it's time for me to retire! These are what I see as the 3 main factors: Fit of the school's stregths with your area of interest marketing? Other factors include the school's culture grade non-disclosure?

    What do you think about Darden, Tuck, Cornell and Duke? What are the weaknesses and strengths of these programs? Which one would you prefer? In terms of the rankings and strengths, you can see a summary here: Different programs are good for different people Tuck is great for families, very intimate, strong alumni network, very strong in management and probably the most highly-regarded of the four among people close to the MBA scene and without forgetting that the others are strong too. Darden is "HBS 2" - mostly about case s and general management.

    Cornell is kind of a well-rounded program - technology, entrepreneurship, finance, management. In my case Jerusalem he asked me "where are you going to study? I think I got the questions right because after these two questions he told me that I got the visa. LBS and Insead play a lot on their global student body.

    I think that the recognition of European schools in the US in on the rise. This increase is gradual, in very small increments. The increase in mostly due to globalization and it's driving factors in this particular case , mostly the Internet and the globalization of service businesses , the increasing strength of the EU as an economic powerhouse and the improving marketing skills of European b-schools.

    In the longer term - hard at least for me to tell. Each case should be calculated seperately. I thought I will take a stab at this question and give my 2 cents biased opinion. For finance you have 3 major schools although they differ a bit between themselves in what areas and functions of finance they focus on they are Wharton, Chicago and Columbia. All of the schools are very international in their focus and have a great name in Europe:.

    Chicago- Their own campus in Barcelona with a big executive program and tons of alumni there. I participated in the Eurotrek and saw the welcoming attitude of these corporation first hand. Now for general management- this is going to be a bit of an academic answer so I apologize in advance- for over a century there are two main Business school teaching disciplines:.

    The Harvard version- which is based on case s and less of in depth education, but more on the classmates. The Chicago version- based on fundementals, the idea is to give the student a thorough understanding of the business pillars so he could later apply them as he see fit through his career.

    All the other schools where in the middle between these two approaches and even in Chicago, almost half of my classes were case based and in HBS you have enough lecture time now so it is not definite- why am I telling you lot this mambo. I just wanted to point out that after a year in Chicago, I truely believe this is an amazing general management school although when someone just "scan" the school it is not percieved this way and many of my classmates came to school for a general management concentration the 3rd most popular after Finance and Entrepreneurship becuase of the amazing level of teaching that the school gives you.

    As always- I and the rest of the students would be more than happy to answer questions and assist people who are interested in the school. After a year I am really happy with my decision and the experience is WAY better than what I initially imagined. Firstly, I think there should be no problems with your "lack" of business experience, since the military service is considered business experience, especially since you served there for a long time and currently holds the rank of Major.

    There are quite a few Full time soldiers in school check out the armed forces group website it is just a matter of transforming your military experiences to the business world format of leading, manging, researching etc'. Secondly, all of the business schools are huge in career changing, hardly anyone is coming to school as X and stays in that profession, Chicago is a great place to place unbranded individuals at the most branded places.

    I believe it is very difficult to find a good VC job post graduation without previous experience in the sector, the Private Equity Lab course in Chicago had helped many students getting placements in VC funds mostly in the Midwest region. I tried posting it yesterday night but something is wrong with the site or with its moderator. I work in an international blue chip firm. Now, I know for a fact that this is indeed the case in the U. S and most of Europe. Do you think that in the Israeli business arena these 3 schools also regarded as a league of their own?

    Well, it is risky. There is hardly anyone for which you can say "he is surely going to get into one of these three" there are a few such people that I see each year. Is it too risky? That depends on your application quality, your stats, and your level of risk aversion. Some people say "I want to have the experience, and I want to have it this year".

    Others say "it's top X or nothing for me". Hi Gilam and all First off - to all that had a part in yesterday's event - my thanks. And thank you egeg for helping out. Now to the point s - some raised from the issues addressed last night and some that were not: Gilam mentioned that there are schools that require an upfront interview , i.

    Please elaborate on this issue and if possible - layout the b-schools names. Chicago, Duke, Darden if I remember correctly. What I have been often is that the more your work experience and personal achievements are great, the less your GPA will influence the usual equation - if one stinks, the rest compensate. However - is 79 a problem on its own?

    Please address the relevance of math scores and general math profile - such as high undergrad course marks, 50 on the GMAT , high school marks??? Your math profile as I know must be very strong As to the GPA - depends where.

    In general, it is a wholistic process. The adcom looks at the overall picture. As mentioned on Tuesday, Kellogg will have more ability to differentiate between the different academic institutions and so will probably Cornell, possibly Duke, and others the reveiw policy could change from year to year, we need to check specifically for each school for each year.

    The GMAT score is believed to be important but a will not get you right through the door, and with a and great application you very well may. Please address the GMAT score on its own - any influence?

    Alon, take a look at the GMAT part of this: Scholarships are provided in most case s on a holistic basis - overall attractiveness on the candidte. And yes, finally - financial aid - is this part entirely irrelevant for non-Americans? In most case s, the best you can do to get a scholarship is to prepare the best application possbile and to have the strongest credentials possible.

    You had some excellent questions. Nate, I applied after less than 2 years at a Big 4 place and I got in. It doesn't really matter the length of your work but what you can present in the application. That aside, don't expect the schools to give you an advantage for working in a Big 4 place. I am not saying you don't have a good chance. But don't expect that the name of your firm will by you a spot - you need to show in the application why they should take you.

    I'm no expert but I do have a cousin who graduated from Harvard Law School. I also think that the essays you write have to be eloquently put use euphemism! How to identify a habit, a scientific fact or general truth? You don't have to know true information for the sentence correction problems. You just have to match two clauses: In conditional questions when should one use the Inversion??

    You can use inversion instead of the not inverted form for real future, unreal future and unreal past conditions, but always check if there are any other differences among the answer choices, probably really important difference is not in conditionals. In any sentence appearance of if calls for check for conditionals???

    There is also another type of questions they like on GMAT: First, thanks for your help here, looking at your answers really gave me a lot of helpful information. I am not sure. Based on what I saw in previous years, the likelyhood of a scholarship increases as you go down the rankings.

    Ron, if you come back right after the MBA I think there will be a significant advantage, though it will not be as significant as for someone coming with experience. You hear people saying things like "there is no IB industry in Israel" i. Just a few details about me: Impressive stuff you got there, especially on the work experience side. My name is Eli, I am 24 years old, and as all the members here I wish to apply to one of the 10 best mba programs in the u.

    I have a very impresive resume and strong reccomendations, but I scored low on the Gmat very good in math but not so good in verbal I have taken the test twice the last time after I studied at Kidum and still my improvement was not as expected.

    You have to have a verbal grade in order to be accepted. Is there a corelation between the "psycometric exam" israel mark and the gmat?

    I am no expert on the GMAT so please take my answer with a grain of salt. My impression is that there is a pretty close correlation in most case s. I think that most GMAT schools will tell you otherwise, and they probably know better than me. This is my impression. Well, yes, this is how it works. However, because of the desire to diversify the class, your competition is, to some extent, with other Israelis.

    The admission committee will try to accept at least a couple of Israelis in any case. How will my university GPA be converted to the 4. Sometimes you will get specific conversion instructions by the school.

    Sorry I don't have a better answer on this for now - an area we should do more research on. I will finish my university studies at the summer of Do you think this will be sufficient or should i wait for a few more years?

    That depends on where you are applying and what are your credentials - military experience, grades, achievements at work, your age, GMAT, essay quality In some case s, your chances will be significantly higher after a couple years of strong full-time work experience, but in other case s your chances may actually be high, or even higher, if you apply immediately this was my personal case , I think.

    Does army service as an officer serve as some kind of employment experience worth mentioning or counting on as a job experience? This is a few years of full time, valuable work experience, especially if you had an opportunity to practice leadership and teamwork.

    Most regular 2 years MBA programs start on September each year. Usually applications are published during August each year. As for talking, it's even worse, the Sentence Correction section of the GMAT mostly checks the common mistakes of the native English speakers, so if you speak English as common Americans do, you can be easily trapped.

    You can contact me at or for more information about my GMAT courses. We are generally trying not to state any facts about our students' scores or improvement on the actual GMAT since it can only be based on the students' reports, which sometimes could be statistically biased.

    Regarding the language skills improvement: You can improve your language skills in 3 months. Not your vocabulary, not your communicative ability at least not much , but you can improve skills such as speed of reading and knowledge of specific subjects like the ones we teach. We recommend to students to spend 30 minutes a day reading on the Internet business or scientific magazines, like Business Week, The Economist, American Scientist and Popular science.

    They should not look up specific words they don't know but rather focus on understanding the general idea and building up comprehension from the context. Regarding the correlation between the GMAT and psychometric tests: There definitely is a correlation, but mostly in the quantitative section. Unfortunately, I have witnessed too many self-confident test takers, who were shocked by their low GMAT score, after underestimating the differences between the two tests.

    I hope I have answered at least partly your questions. I would be happy to further assist you. Best of luck with the GMAT and the applications. Here are my answers to your questions: Is it possible for your wife to work I am married and have no idea what my wife will do in the duration of the MBA?

    Please mention if she gets a visa which enables her to work. She was sponsored for a visa by the organization and received her work visa shortly after we arrived here. There are some prerequisites characteristics one needs to have BA degree, relevant background, etc.

    Can you elaborate on your stats? I want to start by saying that the stats are important but more important is how you spin your stats to the school and tailor your application package in a way that would offset your relative weakness. My stats were pretty average: I did have strong work experience in which I significantly leveraged and some extra-curricular activities.

    I am asking this alot and looking for opinions. Why did you choose Darden? Were you accepted to any other schools? I actually received a few other offers, including a couple from NY schools. The main reasons I chose Darden are its case method and its relative strength in investment banking recruiting, which was my career goal. Today in hindsight I am very satisfied with my decision because the reality has definitely exceeded my expectations.

    The case method is a great fit for me as it creates a very interesting learning experience. It enables you to get to know your classmates very well as everyone participates in discussions. Regarding my career goal, Darden presented to me better investment banking opportunity due to the lower competition. In other finance schools as Wharton, Chicago and Columbia , you are going to have fierce competition for investment banking, on top of the fact that you are an international student and might not have banking experience.

    It depends on how you like to have your life. Darden is more similar to smaller schools as Tuck, Duke, and Michigan. How is Darden's placement rates among graduates and internships?

    Which companies recruit at Darden? I think last year was a very good year. The recruiting environment is very strong now so I believe that the coming year is going to be even stronger. If you want to get a list of the companies recruiting at Darden just go to the website. The strongest industries in Darden are general management, consulting and investment banking.

    Does your visa enable you to work, if so, what are the restrictions? I currently have a student visa, which enables you to work during the summer and an additional year post graduation. The visa issue is not a big one. If you get a job the company is going to sponsor you an H1-B visa which lasts for 6 years.

    I hope my answers are helpful, and I do hope you apply to Darden. I think it's Magna Cum Laude, but in any case you can check your diploma- it has an English side, which will give you the translation. Just talked to them yesterday, they said it takes up to 3 weeks to get it after they sent it out, so be patient Hope you already found these numbers yourself, but just in case Although I am not Gilam I thought I would chime in My impression is that as far as diversity goes you will be a good candidate.

    In my class, for instance, we have a guy who worked as a photographer for the Washington post, a couple of cheffs and some more. Yes, you are right, congratulations! In answer choices D and E, the participial modifier "determined by when the sun reached So, just remember if you encounter answer choices that differ from one another this way: There are other differences among the answer choices, but always try to find the easiest to solve. I really encountered a lot of questions in different books where the participial modifier refered not to the subject, but I prepare my students for the ETS GMAT test, that is why I teach them according to the rules that will work on the real GMAT test, and not only for Kaplan and Princeton books.

    In case the sentences are equal, except for the position of the participial modifier, both are wrong. But attention dear students! PS My Sentence Correction GMAT Guide will be available in all the major book stores in about a week, you will find a lot of explanations, tips and practice questions there.

    There is no any problem with parallelism in either C or E. I would like to add one thing. If Shirli applies to a J-1 Visa which is really easy to get her significat other can obtain a J-2 visa and get a work permit based on that.

    In this case , I would support her decision to apply to schools in big cities. I know that I may be asking questions that were already discussed in this forum. If this is the case , I'll be glad to get a reference for such message.

    Chelsea, the spouse may get a work permit - this depends on the Visa type you need a J-1 visa, which you may get if a substantial portion of your tuition is paid for by a scholarship or certain types of organizations. Judging from forum messages, I think Dalit has become an expert on this subject so she may have a lot to add here The three strongest career tracks at Darden are consulting, iBanking, and general management.

    Consider this - the mba student body at stanford has a "grade non-disclosure policy", meaning grades are not disclosed to potential employers, etc. The school does its best to support this policy, realizing that working hard for grades is not the way to get the best out of the program. The gsb encourages students to "step out of their comfort zone", so to speak, and to learn and experience things that they have little background, and in some case real weaknesses in.

    Since this translates to lower grades in many case s, the non-disclosure policy makes sense. With such an approach, I find it hard to believe that top grades are essential to be admitted.

    In fact, my GPA was far from outstanding. I encourage you to think about the other factors of your application as well. Many speculations and rumors are spread around this subject… Could you shed any light? Meaning, in case the application is ready for the first round, would it increase the chances of admission if not for round one then for round two?

    Is a rejection in R1 could eventually turn into an acceptance it R2? X being the quota. Or could they simply read a strong application and s. An article I found in the FT. It might interest some of you November 28 For some, with nine months to graduation and lucrative job offers trickling in for next year, the MBA degree seems to have paid off. Angst about loans and jobs is beginning to wane. Victory can be bitter-sweet, however.

    While a six-figure salary, house and expensive car seem to be traits of a stable future, their personal lives are anything but secure. The significant other with whom they arrived at business school has either already left or is on their way out.

    The partying, long hours of studying, competition and summer internship apart have taken their toll. The dark reality of the MBA course is that relationships between students and their partners, especially at this time of year, can come to a sorry end. Some schools joke about "Black Monday", the Monday following Thanksgiving, when classmates return single. Students and faculty warn that the rate of breakups on MBA courses could be as high as 50 per cent. Susan Perry, a social psychologist and author of Loving in Flow: How the Happiest Couples Get and Stay That Way, confirms that graduate degrees can be as rough on a couple as having a first child.

    Relocating for a well-ranked degree can start those shifts, says Dave Wilson, president of the Graduate Management Admissions Council. He points out that on arrival at business school, only half of the couple has an immediate network and purpose. Already, he adds, the scenario is stacked against the partner. The workload, often per cent of what a student can reasonably take, requires the student to join teams and create a network.

    That network soon becomes an entire social scene. Some partners find this a heavy burden. At the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, where my partner is in the second year of his MBA course, several spouses confided that their husbands "died" in their first year.

    Others say the only way they saw their partner was to show up for drinks on a Friday night. Other intense degrees such as law and medicine also take their toll. However, experts believe the MBA culture causes deeper problems: It is all-powerful," Ms Perry says.

    Then there is the MBA student's desire for dramatic change. Many follow a two-year, full-time course because they wish to take stock and radically alter their career. To do this they are willing to uproot their lives, relocate and plunge themselves deep into debt.

    Given such flux, it is no surprise that they will also scrutinise their relationships, which can subsequently become MBA casualties. Most study for an MBA in their late 20s, a period of huge emotional upheaval not unlike a mid-life crisis, adds Ms Perry. Mr Wilson wonders whether the MBA degree with its "economic macho" syndrome is particularly tricky.

    Mr Wilson points out that the real risk a student runs is that the behaviour that manifests itself during the MBA course, if seen to yield a reward that exceeded a cost, will manifest itself again. This can be addictive. The Stanford Sloan programme lasts one year. Students have eight years of work experience and are mature. Mary Garrison, who manages the course, says breakups are "extremely rare". However, awareness about the issue is growing. Psychologists discuss skills in stress management and working with non Type-A personalities - highly driven and focused individuals.

    Most business schools run partner groups, a great way to make friends, and some are considering offering support groups and counselling. Due to the competition for top-paying jobs, some partners are reluctant to speak candidly.

    A turbulent marriage or relationship can be considered a sign of weakness and a reason to be excluded from an MBA case study team. One former partner recalls: There are always rumours. Others seem reflective too. When a first-year MBA student asks at Carnegie Mellon's Welcome Week whether the priority should be grades, academic performance or the job hunt, Greg Shumavon, a second year moderating the event, interjects before the professors can respond. Hi Gilam, I have a somewhat delicate question: During my years at the Technion, I retook some courses in order to improve my relatively low grades in some courses.

    On the official transcript, the first time I took the course does not appear at all nor does its initial low grade. If I don't, my transcript might look a bit odd with some introductory courses towards the end of my degree. I will also be slightly deviating from the instruction of "Please be sure to add classes that you have withdrawn from, dropped, or failed even if repeated.

    Uri, good and important question. In any case , leaving these "excuses" aside, it's probably best to use a few rules to decide here: Adhere to the instructions. If it's ethical, do what's best for your candidacy. Now, let us assume that the above instruction is the only instruction relevant to this in the application documents.

    The text of the instruction does not require that you provide the grades of courses that you repeated but did not initially fail. We're also not talking about courses that you dropped or that you withdrew from. So, there is no specific instruction and we can probably move to rule number 2. I'd say the Technion is very helpful here on the ethical issue.

    They don't provide the previous grade on the official transcript. My feeling is that ethically you don't have to provide the previous grade, just as the technion does. There is an advantage to showing your previous grades - showing determination, motivation, commitment, perseverance. However, there is a disadvantage - showing lower grades reflects on your analytical skills. Here comes the issue of context that I opened with.

    The context of your particular application the grades, GMAT, resume etc. So, in general, the answer to your question is no. Is it always true? But in most case s it is. The acual situation changes from school to school and, sometimes, from year to year. This changes from school to school and sometimes from one year to the next - when a new admissions policy or admissions head comes in and I do not know exactly what is the method used in each and every school.

    There is a general quota or a range that can be deviated from. Usually each candidate gets a grade. So, for example, if the general quota for round one is people, and if in the first round there is an overflow of very strong candidates, the school may accept people that round, or may put some of them on the waiting list. Yes, this could be the case - the above example shows how this could happen.

    The first case is usually what happens in round-based systems most schools. Everything you know will change once I am a petite eu Ariana Gentlemen,Welcome to the world of Ariana, your playful, sexy sweetheart. Where you can indu Care to show me yours?

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    Criteria for Choosing an Escort in New York.

    : אתר הכרויות לגייז תמונות של תחת גדול

    גמירות בפה סקס ישראלי מצלמה נסתרת עוד סקס חינם בחורות לוהטות
    סקס עמוק זיונים שמנות None, but be prepared to answer the essay questions using different anectodes!!!! Today in hindsight I am very satisfied with my decision because the reality has definitely exceeded my expectations. In any caseleaving these "excuses" aside, it's probably best to use a few rules to decide here: סרטי סקס ישראל אתר סטוצים makes you think that you are prepared for the academic rigors of XXX? London Business School has great relationships with all major recruiters in London. The event will include detailed info rmation about the Darden experience, life in Charlottesvilleand the admissions process, and enable you to interact directly with representatives of the school in a relaxed atmosphere. I am happy to report that this was indeed the case.
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    אתר הכרויות לגייז תמונות של תחת גדול 188
    גייז כושים סקס ישראלי חיילים 54
    I wasn't expecting it, but perhaps I didn't show enough enthusiasm in my app. Katie Bard, a mother of two girls under the age of 4, says Kellogg's brochure helped sell her -- and her husband -- on the idea of uprooting the family from Austin, Tex. There is no any problem with parallelism in either C or E. If you have a B. There is an added value to both case s.

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